Alkabib Digital Water Ionizer (White)

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We are taking the lead in the world’s water ionizer industry through stringent quality management and efforts to provide our customers with the best alkaline water ionizer.

We are committed to the advancement of and educating the world about water ionizer technology. Enjoy all the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water for an ion-balanced body.

See full description and benefits below.

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• Produces Strong Antioxidant Water Typically Exceeding -500mV
• Features Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes
• 7 Stage Filter Cartridge with electronic integrated filter recognition
• Innovative reverse polarity self cleaning system
• Auto change color LCD panel
• Built-in water control valve
• Unique fold-down, rotating dispenser
• State of the art self-diagnostic system
• Voice supported alerts
• Easy to Install

• Antioxidants are considered beneficial because they slow the chemical process of oxidation or aging.
• These electrodes are made of the finest quality materials in the world which means a lifetime of reliability and worry free maintenance.
• Provides twice the peace of mind by eliminating harmful impurities while keeping beneficial minerals required to produce alkaline water which neutralizes acidity in your body.
• Allows for continuous, uninterrupted production of ionized water. Eliminates waste and prevents scaling thereby extending life span of electrodes.
• At a glance, allows user to confirm pH level, filter life, water temperature, inflow rate, and all important diagnostics.
• Allow for the most precise adjustment of water inflow to maximize pH results.
• Stunning design also reduces overall footprint of unit and consumes less space.
• Unit shuts off automatically when water inflow is too low or water temperature is too high, preventing internal damage to the unit.
• Indicates which setting or process is occurring in a pleasant voice.
• No plumbers required. Takes minutes to install.


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Peso 11.24 lbs
Dimensiones 5.9 × 13.58 × 9.44 in


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